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How do e-portfolios work?

E-portfolios save time and money by making the assessment process more efficient. Our video shows how an eportfolio works from enrolment to qualification.


E-portfolios are becoming an increasingly popular way of carrying out assessments. They are designed to save time and money by making the assessment process more efficient.

Let’s see how e-portfolios work by following the journey from enrolment to completion. It all begins with the candidate.

The candidate is enrolled onto their course or qualification and assigned their own assessment team.

The candidate collects evidence to prove their competence. This can be any type of electronic file.

The candidate goes online and signs into their e-portfolio.

The candidate uploads their evidence to the e-portfolio.

They attach their evidence to units within the qualification to prove their competence.

The candidate can communicate with their assessor using the e-portfolio messaging area.

An email alert lets the assessor know that the candidate has been working in their portfolio.

The assessor goes online and signs into the e-portfolio.

They check that the evidence submitted by the candidate is up to the required standard.

The assessor uses the e-portfolio messaging area to communicate with the candidate and the portfolio team.

The assessor locks any evidence that they feel has met the required standard, preventing further changes.

The assessor signs off units as they are completed.

An email alert is sent to the candidate when the assessor has reviewed their portfolio.

The candidate also signs off these completed units, declaring the work as their own.

The IQA goes online and signs in to the e-portfolio.

They sample evidence from various portfolios to review assessors’ decisions.

When they are satisfied with the work, they can sign off the portfolio as complete.

The EQA can go online and sign in to the e-portfolio.

To maintain consistency, the EQA can sample portfolios across various organisations.

When they are satisfied, the EQA can sign off completed portfolios.

This means that the candidate has successfully completed their qualification.

As you can see, e-portfolios offer a simple and efficient route through the assessment process, giving increased flexibility over paper-based methods.

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