E-qual Electronic Portfolio’s Internal Quality Assurance features help to improve the Quality Assurance process.

E-qual Electronic Portfolio has been designed to improve the quality and efficiency of the Internal Quality Assurance process by giving IQAs/verifiers the tools they need monitor assessment decisions.e-qual-candidate-features

IQA features include:

  • the automatic generation of sampling reports
  • input and editing of customisable online verification questions for each qualification
  • a full audit trail of the activity carried out by candidates and assessors
  • improved frequency of access to candidate e-portfolios during the assessment process

E-qual automatically builds sampling reports based on the activity of the IQA/verifier. This feature allows the quality assurance team to check progress against their sampling targets easily and efficiently.

Custom quality assurance/verification questions can be added to E-qual for each qualification. These are then available for IQAs to carry out their online sampling of candidates' eportfolios quickly and easily.

E-qual keeps an audit trail of activity by users in the system. Evidence and comments are time and date stamped as well as attributed to the user who submitted them. Discussions between candidates and assessors are available so that assessment interaction is able to be viewed and audited. This information gives IQAs/verifiers a complete overview of the process that is taking place, enabling them to make informed decisions about the quality of assessment.

E-qual allows IQAs and verifiers to access candidate e-portfolios at any time during the assessment process. They can quickly and easily monitor assessments and give timely and appropriate feedback to assessors. This allows for a more reactive process where IAQs can identify and highlight any issues when they arise, improving the efficiency and quality of the assessment process.

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Verifiers have expressed appreciation for the facility to remotely access portfolios at will. This facilitates formative verification and monitoring of the assessment practice.
Colin Wales, ECITB