E-qual Electronic Portfolio’s External Quality Assurance features allow EQAs to manage multiple centres quickly and easily.

E-qual Electronic Portfolio is designed to allow EQA’s to easily manage their portfolio workload. With features designed to help them quickly and easily filter and review candidate’s portfolios online, across multiple centres.e-qual-candidate-features

EQA features include:

  • view candidate portfolios online anytime, anywhere
  • manage multiples centres in one location with a single login
  • filter and view IQA sampling reports online
  • review and electronically sign-off of completed portfolios
  • online discussions to enable communication with centre IQAs

With E-qual Electronic Portfolio External Quality Assurers can easily view all of their candidate’s portfolios online from any location.

External Quality Assurers who work across multiple centres can manage their centres using a single login to our
e-portfolio. This allows them to filter portfolios and reports by centre, making it easier to manage their workload.

External Quality Assurers can view sampling reports carried out by Internal Quality Assurers. This feature allows EQAs to keep track of a centre’s performance quickly and easily.

E-qual Electronic Portfolio lets EQAs quickly see which candidate portfolios are complete. These can then be easily reviewed and electronically signed-off all from within our e-portfolio.

Our e-portfolio gives EQAs access to online discussions where they can discuss candidate portfolios with their IQAs, making it easy to highlight issues and address any problems. They can also review discussions within a candidate’s portfolio between other members of the portfolio team. This ensures that assessment standards are maintained.

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Our verifiers are really comfortable using the system now and we have picked up great feedback
from them
Jeremy Curtis, Hickman Enterprises