E-qual Electronic Portfolio’s centre support roles give centres full administration of assessments and their users.

E-qual Electronic Portfolio allows centres to fully control their assessment process. The features allow the assignment of qualifications, administration of users and portfolio teams and customisation of centre settings. Our e-portfolio provides approved centres with all the tools they need.e-qual-assessor-features

Centre support roles include:

  • Centre administrator
  • Centre manager
  • Expert witness advisor
  • Guest access

E-qual Electronic Portfolio enables centres to create users and portfolio teams as well as adding online resources and user forums within the system. The administrator role allows centres to fully control the delivery and assignment of qualifications.

Centre management staff have access to monitor and review portfolios. This allows them to track user’s progress and view assessment performance throughout their centre.

For vocational qualifications, supervisors/managers can be given access to upload evidence of a learner’s on the job competency into the eportfolio using the expert witness role.

External organisations such as a candidate’s employer can also view their learners’ eportfolio progress when assigned the guest user role.

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Being able to give feedback immediately and then review it at a later stage without having to trawl through countless paperwork saved huge amounts of assessor and IV time.
Simon Payne, Tangerine Ltd