E-qual Electronic Portfolio’s extensive features give candidates the tools to succeed.

E-qual Electronic Portfolio is packed with features designed to help candidates work quickly and efficiently. E-qual gives learners control of their e-portfolio, keeping them up-to-date on their progress and enabling them to access assessor feedback online.e-qual-candidate-features

Candidate features include:

  • an online File Store to upload, organise and securely store evidence
  • a resources area for easy access to learning materials and documentation
  • an online discussion area for communication between candidates and assessors
  • eportfolio progress reports to motivate candidates and keep them up-to-date
  • forums for online collaboration and support

Candidates can upload and organise their evidence using the File Store area. Here work is stored securely online and can be easily used in their eportfolio.

The Resources area gives candidates access to learning materials or qualification documentation. Storing all of this material online, in one easy to find location, avoids important documents and resources being lost, misplaced or unavailable.

Candidates can keep in touch with their assessors using the Discussion feature. This facility allows them to ask questions of their assessors or notify them of any problems they may be having. Assessors can then reply and give feedback.

To keep candidates up-to-date with their progress, E-qual includes portfolio progress reports. These update instantly whenever an assessor marks or signs off a candidates work within their e-portfolio. They can also act as a motivational tool for candidates and assessors, encouraging them to work towards completion.

Candidates can collaborate, as well as get help and support from fellow candidates and assessment staff, through the online forums. Here they can raise topics or contribute to discussions, emulating the classroom environment and enabling users to share their knowledge and understanding.

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The system enables lots of contact time between candidate and assessor. Being able to see their portfolio progressing serves as its own form of
Jim Stewart, Angus College