E-qual Electronic Portfolio’s awarding body support roles give them full control over their qualification delivery.

E-qual Electronic Portfolio offers awarding bodies the ability to register and administer approved centres. Our e-portfolio gives them full control over the assignment and quality assurance of their qualifications.e-qual-candidate-features

Awarding body support roles include:

  • Awarding body administrator
  • Awarding body manager
  • External Quality Assurer

E-qual Electronic Portfolio allows administrators to create users in the external quality assurer’s role and assign them to the appropriate qualifications and centres within the e-portfolio.

Awarding body management staff can have access to monitor and review eportfolios. This allows them to track user’s progress and view assessment performance across their registered centres. This means that awarding bodies are able to check that their qualifications are being delivered to the appropriate standard or easily identify and address any issues.

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Our verifiers are really comfortable using the system now and we have picked up great feedback
from them
Jeremy Curtis, Hickman Enterprises