E-qual Electronic Portfolio gives assessors improved access to candidates, enhancing the assessment process.

E-qual Electronic Portfolio includes features designed to enhance the assessment process and allow assessors to work in a more efficient, productive manner, whilst easily keeping track of candidate e-portfolio progress and the quality assurance process.e-qual-assessor-features

Assessor features include:

  • email notifications of new candidate activity
  • a dashboard containing a quick summary of candidate progress
  • the Portfolio Evidence area where efficient assessment and candidate feedback takes place
  • access to Internal Quality Assurance (verification) reports to monitor assessment quality

Assessors can be alerted to new work being carried out by a candidate using email notifications. This helps assessors to be more proactive and efficient in their work as they are immediately alerted to new activity.

Using the Manage Portfolios feature assessors can quickly browse through details about all of their candidates, assessing progress and adding personal notes, reminders and diary events. This helps to keep the assessor organised, saves time and increases their efficiency.

The Portfolio Evidence area gives assessors the ability to view, make assessment decisions and comment on a candidate’s evidence. Comments can be tagged to specific evidence making it easy for candidates, assessors and IQAs/verifiers to locate and address any issues with their eportfolio.

Assessors can view online reports of sampling carried out by their internal quality assurance team. This feature lets them keep track of the quality of their assessments and allows them address any issues which may have been highlighted.

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Because the workload is so much easier using E-qual, Assessors have been able to focus on giving really good feedback.
Jim Stewart, Angus College