E-qual Electronic Portfolio ensures safe and secure assessment.

With E-qual Electronic Portfolio you can carry out the assessment process confident that your candidates' work is safe and secure. Work is easy to locate and access and evidence can be locked in place, putting an end to the reliability issues of paper based assessment.is-e-qual-secure

E-qual Electronic Portfolio:

  • is more reliable and secure than paper based assessment
  • stores data safely in our secure UK data centre
  • keeps uploaded work safe from PC viruses and hardware failures
  • ensures greater security and reliability with lockable evidence and auditable activity

Our e-portfolio stores data centrally in a secure UK data centre. This is backed up daily and ensures the maximum level of data security. The online storage of work means evidence no longer needs to be stored on a users' computer or data stick once uploaded. This avoids evidence being lost due to computer viruses or hardware failure.

Eportfolio evidence can be locked to stop users accidentally moving or deleting work. All activity is date, time and user tagged. This ensures transparency and enables the assessment team to keep track of when candidates receive or upload work. This makes the whole assessment process more secure and reliable.

The greatest thing is that nothing can get lost.
It's one of the most secure systems I have
ever used.
Jeremy Curtis, Hickman Enterprises