E-qual Electronic Portfolio will save time and increase productivity.

E-qual Electronic Portfolio will save time over paper-based assessment allowing you to deliver assessments quicker, increasing your productivity.e-qual-save-time

E-qual Electronic Portfolio will:

  • save time over paper based assessment
  • speed up and centralise administration processes
  • reduce travel and eliminate portfolio transportation time
  • increase productivity through quicker completion times
  • save verification time and increase accountability with automatic reporting

E-qual Electronic Portfolio cuts down on administration time by allowing you to centralise your assessment documentation and course materials. These can be uploaded into the system and automatically allocated to candidates upon enrolment. This saves you a great deal of time and enables you to deal with the enrolment process quickly and efficiently.

Assessing online eportfolios greatly reduces the need for travel to a candidates' location, whilst also eliminating time spent posting paper-based portfolios back and forth. This speeds up the completion time of assessments, which increases your assessment teams' productivity.

Quicker quality assurance/verification is also achieved through the automatic generation of sampling reports. This speeds up the process and enables quality assurance and verification staff to be more productive with their time.

E-qual's strength is its simplicity. A candidate only needs to learn a few basic skills.
Jim Stewart, Angus College