E-qual Electronic Portfolio will save money and give you a competitive edge.

E-qual Electronic Portfolio will help save money when adopted over traditional paper based assessment. As well as saving money, assessing online will increase your efficiency and turnover, making you more competitive.e-qual-COST-GRAPH-7

E-qual Electronic Portfolio will:

  • save money over paper based assessment
  • reduce travel costs with anytime, anywhere access
  • eliminate postage costs with online eportfolios
  • reduce administration costs with online resources
  • make you more competitive by allowing you to increase caseload and turnover

The accessibility and convenience of our online system will lead to greater levels of interaction between candidates and assessment staff whilst reducing travel costs. The elimination of paper based portfolios also saves on postage costs.

Learning resources and course documentation can be made available through the online resources area, saving you money on printing and administration.

Our eportfolio allows for greater interaction between candidates and assessment staff leading to quicker completion times, enabling businesses to increase their caseload, making them far more competitive.

Assessors appreciate the ability to carry out assessment from a desktop instead of the extensive travelling which face-to-face assessment
Colin Wales, ECITB