E-qual Electronic Portfolio is easy to navigate and simple to use.

Our eportfolio software has been designed to be as user friendly as possible. Our easy to navigate screens give you the ability to complete your work quickly and efficiently.

What the candidate sees

A candidate's Portfolio Menu

A candidate's uploaded evidence files

How does it work for the assessor?

An assessors view of candidates portfolios

Assessing a candidate's portfolio

How does internal quality assurance (internal verification) happen?

Answering questions to ensure quality

Sampling reports for quality assurance

Screenshots can only go so far to give an idea of what E-qual looks like and how it works. To fully appreciate the features of our paperless portfolio software, we recommend that you book a demonstration with one of our team.

Find out how e-portfolios work

E-qual's strength is its simplicity. A candidate only needs to learn a few basic skills.
Jim Stewart, Angus College