E-qual competence assurance is ideal for compliance monitoring in any industry

As well as our online e-portfolio solution we now also offer the most complete competence assurance management system available. Our software enables businesses to successfully implement their competence assurance and compliance processes.


E-qual competence assurance offers:

  • Fully configurable user management & competence framework creation
  • Complete monitoring and recording of your workforce competence
  • In depth reports and reporting tools
  • Ability to Integrate with existing HR systems

E-qual competence assurance includes an intuitive interface designed to make the administration process simple and straightforward, whilst also giving you the flexibility to configure the system to suit your needs. Assess, monitor progress and sign off worker’s individual competencies and competence frameworks all within our powerful role-based competence assurance software.

Get the complete picture of your company compliance with E-qual competence assurance. Comprehensive data, reports and analysis tools enable businesses to customise and filter information in order to prove compliance, and help inform other business decisions.

Our software can work with your existing systems to receive user details and other settings. Reports can be exported into external applications and bespoke functionality can tailor E-qual to meet all of your competence management needs.

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