E-qual Electronic Portfolio is developed with a unique blend of knowledge, understanding and experience.

E-qual Electronic Portfolio is an online eportfolio and assessment tool created by an organisation with a real understanding of the assessment process, developed through knowledge of education and training sectors and backed up by real industry experience.

E-qual Electronic Portfolio:about-e-qual

  • was first introduced in 2005, by DDL Ltd, a company created by educationalists
  • was developed through a unique understanding of training and assessment
  • has been adopted by awarding bodies, colleges, training providers and various industries
  • has successfully delivered assessment, training and competency throughout the UK and abroad

E-qual Electronic Portfolio was first introduced in 2005 by DDL Ltd. DDL was established by educationalists wanting to utilise their own vast educational experience to create software which would benefit the delivery of learning and assessment online.

As well as drawing on their own experience, DDL consulted various industry professionals and education and assessment specialists. It ensured that, through this combined knowledge and understanding, they would create the ultimate online experience to all E-qual Electronic Portfolio users.

E-qual Electronic Portfolio has been effectively utilised by various awarding bodies, training providers and colleges. It has also been adopted by the manufacturing, construction and oil and gas industries. Our e-portfolio has successfully delivered vocational qualifications, training and competency throughout the UK and abroad.

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DDL don't just understand their own system, they really understand the educational world and what we needed.
Jeremy Curtis, Hickman Enterprises